Photo Credit: Tayy Brown/Instagram

Versace Heels is the PopGlitz Song of the Day from Baltimore artist Tayy Brown, a track about his love interest with her signature Versace heels. With the chorus “If I gotta ask for it is it really real? Eat that p*ssy with her legs up, Versace on her heels. In the middle of the city Lamborghini on the wheel. She gon’ call me on the way back just to tell me how she feel,”  This song, affectionately singing about the girl he wants around but not too close is an example of the work that lead to him making it from Baltimore to performing at Rolling Loud with Bandhunta Izzy. He has spoken in an interview recently with saying that he never set out to make music with a message but found out that he’s had a larger impact on people than he thought. “I got a DM from somebody, said that they was close to committing suicide, and they said that I helped them,” he said. “That’s when I knew I should be doing this.”

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