Photo Credit: Porsha Williams/Instagram

Porsha Williams getting engaged to who was seen as her friend’s husband while they were still married was such a shock that cast members on the show unfriended her over it and they literally broke the internet. On her new show Porsha’s Family Matters, she explains that they were expected a judge to sign off on her fiance Simon Guobadia’s divorce papers right after he proposed but it didn’t happen and by then, the blogs had made a big deal out of it.

In an interview with E! News, she gave insight to her new life engaged and co-parenting saying, “I mean, we are just like any other family. We love how we’re very close,” Porsha exclusively joked to E! News on Dec. 2. “When we were filming everything, it was the beginning of us blending our families together which, you know, it can be a lot at times. But we have some good times and drama-filled so it’s that rollercoaster, that up and down of life with your family.”

Reflecting on her decade of being on The Realhousewives, she referred to it as “the longest therapy session ever.” And while writing her memoir she said she had grown accustomed to criticism. “I’m used to people having an opinion and me being under a microscope. I now separate myself from anything that will be disrupting my peace,” she explained. “So if I need to step away from social media I just do it I have a team who can handle business. It will go on without me if I need to take a break.”

And regarding who she’s going to be inviting to her wedding and which if any of the cast members from The Real Housewives of Atlanta will be in attendance, she said, “some” of her former co-stars will be invited. “I haven’t worked on the list yet so we’ll see who all it is,” she joked. “I guess it’s going to be a surprise invite.”

Regarding whether Falynn, her fiance’s ex-wife will be invited, she said, “Everybody is in a happy place now,” Porsha confirmed, clearing up any rumors of drama between them. “Everybody’s engaged. We got one baby here [with Falynn]. We don’t have one yet but you know everybody is living their life and we’ve pretty much moved on from all of that.”

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