Photo Credit: Porsha Williams/Instagram

Porsha Williams has had a fairy-tale story of her new relationship from the guy with money that’s been showering her with gifts on camera to proposing to her while being serenaded by Lil Mo. Of course, we all know fairy tales don’t exist in real life. On Friday she made a post on Instagram saying “Not gonna worry tonight. God had it LAST time. God has it THIS time,” and followed it up by unfollowing her fiance Dennis McKinley. So what exactly was she referring to? Well there have been recent reports that her this new Godsend of a man does cocaine and is a chronic gambler, a clout chaser who engages in bestiality and abused his ex Shanise Thomason. Now there’s a lot in there and some of it would be normal under any other circumstances, but bestiality? Bestiality??!

The claims against her fiance came from blogger Tasha K who also who revealed that Wendy Williams’ husband was having a baby by another woman in a Philadelphia hospital which does lend her some credibility. Now this wouldn’t be the first time some allegations about her man would come to light. The 11th season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta began with Kandi Burruss talking about the tattoos of various women he had and was dating at the same time, some while with Porsha. That was a little out of character for Kandi because she doesn’t usually sit and talk about other people’s business, at least not to that extent. She said she was trying to warn Porsha. After a while it became evident that Porsha knew some of what was going on and was happy just looking the other way. She even said so herself. It was at that point where Kandi took the stance of “if you like it, I love it,” left her alone and wished the two of them much success together. Now it appears that things are unraveling to where Porsha’s getting a second set of red flags. How she chooses to deal with this is going to be important as the two already live together and have a baby.

Also, as an update, Porsha refollowed her fiance, although her sister Lauren, and mother Diane stop following him as well. And those two are very protective of her, so she’s going to have an uphill battle dealing with them. He stepped down from running his hotdog company to focusing on being her manager so he’s already quite integrated in her life. We’re sure her sister can pick up the pace if she needs to again.