Photo Credit: Yung Miami/Instagram

Rapper Yung Miami, one half of the rap group City Girls was involved in a shootout Tuesday morning after leaving Circle House Studios. A video of her speaking to Miami police showed her saying her spare tire on the back of her Mercedes G Wagon had been shot by a car following her with their headlights turned off. And lucky for her, she wasn’t hit, especially since she’s pregnant. As for why the shooting happened, it isn’t sure and no suspects have been identified as of yet, but she was the subject of a diss track from rapper Kodak Black who dissed her from his jail cell in a freestyle talking about hitting her pregnant belly.

Kodak rapped, “I bought Yung Miami a ring, she wanted 808 baby. When I see her I’ma hit that b*tch in her stomach. The way I keep my sh*t too real, they say I’m f**king up my money.” 808 was a reference to the father of her child, 808 Mafia producer, Southside. So there’s a possibility a correlation could be made there. We’re not sure but it was an ugly remark to make, just the same. It isn’t as though he’s new to making these types of comments. Just look at what he said about Lauren London following the death of her fiance Nipsey Hussle.

It’s bad enough that her rap partner JT is behind bars, going after the free member of the group is just a double whammy and unnecessary, especially being that she’s pregnant.