Adrien Broner just announced his retirement from boxing this month at 30 after a series of losses. Among those losses was to Manny Pacquaio to which he protested saying he was cheated out of a win which absolutely no one else thought but him. But in honor of his career, we’ve decided to share clips from an old sex tape of his. Since it’s been a couple years we think it would only be fair he make another one. He recently got into it with 50 Cent on social media after getting blocked by the rapper and being told he owed him money. He responded not only saying he wasn’t giving him sh** but then challenged him to a fight. That would kind of be hot to watch, although he might need to put on a little weight first. But if he puts out another sex tape and sells it, he might make the money to pay 50 back. We’re just saying, it’s something he might want to think about.