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Migos rapper Quavo and Saweetie have made headlines over the weekend with their epic breakup holding the internet hostage waiting to see what’s happening next. The icing on the cake, however was Quavo calling the repo man to pick up the Bentley he got Saweetie for Christmas. Now if yoy want to talk about petty… now that’s petty. Unfortunately that’s not what happened.

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Sources close to the couple have told TMZ that not only did no repossession occur, this is likely just speculation that he would do such a thing. When the car was secured in late 2020, Quavo struck a deal with the dealership that the lease can be terminated early if needed and as of the moment, no such evidence of this occurring is available and those close to them have already debunked this.

And if you’re wondering how this all started, Saweetie went on Twitter righting how emotionally checked out she was in her relationship and that you can’t make up for bad behavior with gifts. And she hinted at him cheating talking about intimacy going to another. He responded late Friday saying, “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were. I wish you nothing but the best.” She responded with “Take care” which is almost a promise of never making herself available to him again at that point. Outch. But anyway, this story is still developing. We alsp have a feeling that instead of letting her Bentley be snatched, she’d probably pick up the tab because… well, she’s Saweetie and she has definitely been in her bag.