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R Kelly gave an Academy Award winning performance this morning during his interview with Gayle King. It’s just unfortunate because not only did no one buy it, if Twitter is any indication of public sentiment, everyone just sat and laughed watching him. But as soon as it finished airing, because it was taped yesterday, he had a couple hours to pay the $161,633 he owes in child support to his ex wife Drea Kelly. He failed in doing that. As a result, he had a hearing about it this afternoon and was taken away in handcuffs going back to the Cook County jail at 2pm local time. A lot of people get behind in child support but this is no light issue. Anything over $20,000 owed is a felony and with this, the D.A. could charge him criminally for not paying.

One of the most talked about things today is how Gayle King managed to remain so calm while R Kelly fluttered around as if he were trying to audition for Broadway. TMZ caught her walking to her car and asked what she thought of the day’s events and she said that R Kelly felt that he wanted to tell the truth… at least the truth that he believes. She also feels he has selective amnesia reiterating that there are a lot of people telling the same story. That part is important. As for having him tower over here shouting and screaming, for one, he’s only 2 inches taller than her which might be why she wasn’t intimidated, but she said at no point did she feel afraid for her safety. She didn’t feel he intended on hurting her, just that he was very passionate. She’s better than a lot of us because we’ve seen plenty of people begin to destroy camera equipement when they get upset like that, or at least the nearest inanimate object. The success of the interview is the fact she was able to get that type of emotion on camera. Usually when things go too far for him, he just gets up and leaves. Then again, that was probably all orchestrated.