The last time we heard about R Kelly’s ex-wife Drea Kelly she was telling him to get a job at Del Taco to pay his back child support. This was around the last time he had been locked up for not paying the over $20,000 a month in child support he’s currently mandated to pay. Now he’s asked the judge to give him some leniency since he’s experienced some financial issues as of late. He came close to losing his studio and isn’t bringing in money the way he used to. His label had also been paying his bills for some time. This apparently didn’t phase the judge because they looked to his royalties and said that’s where the child support needs to come from.

Earlier this year Kelly had a friend pay for his 6 figure bail who’s since tried to get the money back from the courts since he ended up being arrested again but… that’s kind of not how that works. He was barely able to pay the retainer for defense attorney Tom Mesereau. Scratch that, he never got the money to do so but apparently the judge knows something we don’t. Kelly might be hurting financially but there’s long been a question in the back of everyone’s mind about whether he’s hiding money or not. It looks like we’re going to find out if the ex is going to be able to put her fingers on his royalties. Why wasn’t he using this money before? Well it’s recently been reported that prosecutors believe he’s been diverting that money into a friend’s bank account.

Now just imagine being caught as the friend of R Kelly helping him hide money from the government. That’s not a very nice predicament to be in. And as Drea has said, he has accomplices around him and we know the day is going to come where a number of people around him are equally going to go down. He’s illiterate so just as she’s pointed out in past interviews, someone is helping book the flights and car services for the girls he’s been abusing over the years, just as it’s been revealed he’s diverting money to a childhood friend’s bank account. One thing is for sure, this is a slow running train wreck that just won’t stop.