R Kelly has just seen leaving his Chicago studio and has turned himself in. This comes after he was charged with 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse earlier today and footage of him leaving the studio for the first time since the news broke is below. He was leaving just an hour before his court appointed curfew he’s been told to leave which is 9pm. The building has a ton of code violations and the city has been trying to have it shut down for things such as an illegal sauna and no permit to use the space as a residence because he sleeps there at times as well. He’s been looking for a new location because the restrictions on his use of the space is getting in the way of his “music innovation. It looks like he doesn’t have that to worry about now.

As for his case, a screenshot of his face in the sex tape with the 14 year old has leaked proving that it indeed is him.

The press conference that attorney Michael Avenatti held earlier today is always embedded below:

And a full copy of his 30+ page indictment is here

Updates will be given as they come.