Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly was sent to jail twice within a month in March and has apparently been scared straight which is likely why he just paid 2 months in child support before it was even due. He just paid 3 months at $20,000 a month a few days ago but just to keep everyone happy, he just paid for June and July this afternoon at a cost of $41,666. The payment came during a visit to court Kelly made with his crises manager, Darrell Johnson and family attorney, Lisa Damico. He still owes another $32,000 in interest on back child support but his crises manager says they have no intention on paying it anyway. “At no point in the foreseen future do we see paying interest of child support. As of May 14, 2019 Mr. Kelly is current on support payments.” That’s right, Kelly’s team basically just said, “Interest? Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

And in other R Kelly news, he stopped paying for his daughter Joann Lee aka Buku Abi’s college tuition at a California arts college. And she found out by trying to enroll in classes when she was informed he hadn’t paid the unpaid bills. He also quit paying for books and rent for her college apartment. Now it’s a clear part of his child support agreement that he was to pay for all school related costs until she’s 23. His crises manager Darrell Johnson said payments had stopped because Kelly thought she had dropped out of school. Well that’s a stall tactic if ever we heard one, but if that’s the case, we hope he gets on it and if for no other reason that her college rent.

The crises manager has said payments stopped when they asked for proof that the money was being spent on what it’s supposed to and since they never received it, they stopped paying. Notice that that is not the same as being explicitly told your child has dropped out of college. I’m from Washington. I know legal bs speech when I hear it. She’s since commented saying that she only dropped out because he stopped paying. Their relationship is said to be “beyond strained.” She referred to her father as “a monster” after the Surviving R Kelly documentary came out. All we can say is this is your child, Kelly. Whether she thinks you’re a monster or not, you need to do right by her. Similarly, you only get one father, whether he in fact is a monster or not, you only get one, so you can’t be mad forever.