Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly spoke to a federal judge Thursday and said that he would not be testifying in his child sex trafficking case. And though he intends on clamming up, heh as co-defendants like former Kelly business manager Derrel McDavid who likely will be taking the stand when the trial resumes Tuesday. Kelly had previous motions along with McDavid and a third defendant, former Kelly assistant Milton “June” Brown for acquittal.

The trial so far has lasted three weeks with U.S. District Judge Harry Leinenweber saying to jurors about the case on charges alleging child pornography, obstruction of justice and the enticement of minors into criminal sexual activity will conclude this week “without fail.” Beginning August 15th with 11 days of testimony from 4 alleged victims of Kelly. A total of 17 clips from 3 videos allegedly depicting sexual abuse of a 14 year old girl known as “Jane” were played as well.

Prosecutors asserted that Kelly sexually abused and filmed “Jane” and abused another 4 minors and conspired with McDavid to thwart his 2008 statae-court trial on child pornography and plotted together to hunt down any incriminating tapes.

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