Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly failed to appear in court yesterday in and no reason was given by his attorney. He did however tell an obviously upset judge that transporting his client was a major undertaking and that he wasn’t repeating what he told US Marshalls about the ordeal. “I don’t want to discuss matters that I discussed with the US Marshals Service in open court,” Kelly’s attorney Steve Greenberg said. “Suffice it to say, the Marshal Service says that moving Mr Kelly is a large undertaking.” This reminded us of a little detail about Kelly a lot of people have forgotten. He’s afraid of flying. And when we say afraid, he’s terrified of it. He takes boats overseas and had to be drugged up to get him to New York where he’s currently behind bars. Who knows what happened but we can guarantee that’s what happened. If true, it’s interesting that he gets this type of preferential treatment when people like Mike Brown couldn’t so much as get a seat belt while being arrested in Baltimore.

Aside from that, Kelly has his own legal strategy he’s working on. He feels that Michael Jackson’s attorney Tom Mesereau is his key to beating all the charges against him now. The problem is getting the money to pay for him. Aside from getting Jackson off in 2005, Mesereau got a not guilty verdict for accused wife murderer Robert Blake. The two have already recently had a 4 hour meeting and Kelly was instantly sold on using him for his services but as of now Mesereau has not agreed to represent him. That of course can change. And while Kelly’s been experiencing trouble in making money lately, he did get bailed out of jail a few times at quite the pretty penny by some people close to him so maybe he can find another benefactor willing to help with his legal bills. At the end of the day, he’s still R Kelly and his name could possibly still prove to be bankable for someone in the industry willing to invest in him again despite all of the #MuteRKelly movements we’ve seen in recent years. They say cats have 9 lives but it isn’t clear whether he’s on his 9th one or not. We’ll be covering this more as the case progresses.