Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly just got a couple more charges thrown at him for exposing a woman and a minor to herpes, having unprotected sex with them both last week. That on top of all of his other legal woes is reason to want to touch basis with your legal team as much as possible. But not so fast, the prison he’s in said. All visiting at the Metropolitan Correctional Center Chicago, where he’s currently housed has been suspended until further notice.

Now it isn’t that Kelly hasn’t been meeting with his legal team. The last time they saw each other was last week, but that’s about the same time show production was getting canceled for everything, events postponed and people encouraged to stay home where they could. That’s some hella luck he’s got, though. On top of this, the visit restrictions are said to be in place for at least the next 30 days. There’s no telling yet if the prison has video conferencing capability for his meetings. The chances are he’s most likely going to have to wait.

And while things are looking pretty bleak for Kelly these days, everyone isn’t exactly against him. Syleena Johnson defended his music recently saying that people should be able to listen to his music guilt free. While we’re living in today’s cancel culture, it’s practically a cardinal sin to listen to or so much as laugh at a joke from anyone society has decided belongs in the trash. The comment came during an interview she had with Page Six where she offered some sobering thoughts on the situation.

“I don’t think people should find themselves responsible for his actions because they love his music,” she said, adding “During that time when you heard that music, you were in a pure place where you received something lyrically that inspired and motivated you. Hold on to that.”

“That’s not your fault that he created this … So if we can’t listen to his music, [then] we can’t watch another Harvey Weinstein movie. We can’t watch none of Bill Cosby’s shows. God created these people. They are still created by the Lord. He also designed them to put those good things in the world. Whether they are attached to these terrible things … that’s not our responsibility.”

And she’s right. Every product and item of consumption doesn’t have to warrant some moral decision. He’s in the fate of the legal system now. And from the looks of it, it’s going to take some time.