Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram

R Kelly is currently in court for his bond hearing following his 13 sexual assault charges lodged against him this week now as we speak and his request has been denied. Prosecutors made the argument that Kelly is an extreme danger to the public and apparently won their argument. His next court date has been scheduled for August 15th and he’s expected to go to trial early 2020 which means he can be behind bars for some time.

This could be a turning moment for Kelly because outside of him not being allowed bail, it’s been reported today that his girlfriends have been cut off financially, just a day after the two made a video stating they were in R Kelly’s Chicago Trump Tower condo doing just fine without anyone stopping them from going about as they pleased and to refute reports of them being evicted. It seems that kind of backfired. The other thing that backfired is Kelly’s attorney trying to use his music to make their case saying “Unlike his song I Believe I Can Fly, Mr. Kelly doesn’t like to fly.” We’re just going to throw this out there that we can almost guarantee a quick lyric search would probably find a song with him bragging about jets but that’s another story.

Prosecutors argued that an electric monitor and home confinement was enough for him. They also said he had a “unique ability to influence and intimidate witnesses and victims, and that continues to this day.” They went on to say that he had the ability to “entice girls to his own doorstep.” His attorney Steve Greenberg practically sealed Kelly’s fate when he said all but one of the allegations were in the 90s which means he’s not a threat to minors anymore. That’s the equivalent of saying he only raped one person so what’s the big deal?

His two girlfriends or sex slaves, whichever you want to call them based on who you want to believe, Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary were behind him in court showing their support oddly smiling afterwards. A press conference is expected to take place soon as well which we will be covering once it happens.