Photo Credit: R Kelly/Instagram; TMZ

R Kelly was indicted this week on another charge of bribing a government official by having a fake ID purchased for a minor the day before he married Aaliyah, who had just turned 15. The natural association was made that it was for her. While this has been a bit of closure for those who didn’t understand how for literally 25 years he’s gotten away with marrying a minor and nothing ever happened, others wondered who the person is that committed the bribery. Well they’ve now spoken up. It was R Kelly’s former tour manager Demetrius Smith.

Smith says he’s written about R Kelly’s marriage to Aaliyah in his 2011 book The Man Behind The Man: Looking from the Inside Out and talked about it in Surviving R. Kelly which the Associated Press has named the tv show of the year. But even though he’s talked about it, he still says he doesn’t want to see anything bad happen to Kelly, especially not having him land in prison. He also says he plans on testifying in court but doesn’t want his testimony to be used against Kelly. In fact, if there’s anything that he says Kelly needs, he wants him to receive mental health treatment.

He continued speaking about Aaliyah saying how much of a disappointment it is to have her name brought up in this context with her not being here. He said that if her parents made peace with what happened years ago, everyone else should do the same. While this is an interesting angle, the problem is that if this is just let go, people would be trying their luck at illegal marriages all the time and in the event it gets called out, they can just say to look the other way because everyone’s already forgiven me for what I’ve done. I don’t see that flying. Now let’s see how this plays out in court.

Also happening this week, one of R Kelly’s girlfriends, Jocelyn Savage was announced that she was in a sexually abusive relationship with R Kelly in a number of posts on the paid subscription site Patreon and on Instagram. She’s since come out saying she was impersonated. While some would say that she wanted to tell the truth and got bullied out of it; for one, we’re not sure, but given that it was posted on a paid site, it does raise a red flag that someone might be trying to profit off of her name, so she might be telling the truth about being impersonated.

As for Kelly’s other girlfriend, Azriel Clary, she’s moved out of his Chicago Trump Tower condo. Apparently all of the drama has gotten to her and she wants some peace. She’s also trying to pursue a career in entertainment. She has her own place in Chicago and doesn’t plan on being alongside Jocelyn anymore, although she still supports Kelly. What she did is understandable, but situations like this are easier to handle with others and not by yourself. And since she’s so young, being 21, she’s going to need that support. Hopefully she does fine on her own and isn’t harassed by paparazzi and the public at large, in moving forward.