Photo Credit: Cassie Soto/Twitter

Raiders cornerback Nate Hobbs was arrested early Monday, January 3rd for a DUI when he was found asleep behind the wheel in the exit lane of The Cromwell in Vegas. He had just won against the Colts earlier that afternoon and responding officers said he smelled like booze and had “glassy watery eyes.” He told police that he was just tired from earlier which likeWell since this all took place, it’s been revealed that he was actually within the legal alcohol limit.. despite him failing the sobriety tests he was given.

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office made the announcement today after reviewing his blood analysis that “Hobbs was under the legal limit for a DUI charge.” He ended up pleading guilty to a misdemeanor charge of unlawful manners of driving which is just careless driving. Prosecutors also say he agreed to “pay a $685 fine, complete a victim impact panel, and complete 20 hours of community service.” And if he doesn’t follow the above, he’s subject to a 30 day jail sentence.

“After reviewing the facts of the case, and the fact that the result of the blood-alcohol test placed Mr. Hobbs under the legal limit for a DUI charge, my office determined that this was the most appropriate disposition in this case,” Clark County D.A. Steve Wolfson said in a statement. “Mr. Hobbs’ case will progress through the normal channels of the justice system, as would any other case with similar circumstances.” He added, Additionally, he will be submitting to an alcohol treatment program provided by the National Football League and the NFL Players’ Association.”

The object lesson here is that sobriety tests are actually not all that reliable. About a third of people at minimum fail sobriety tests. At that point you’ve been arrested before you can take a breathalyzer test and now you’ve got an arrest record over something you’re not even guilty of like Hobbs.