Photo Credit: Chad Focus/Instagram

Chad Focus aka Chad Arrington is a rap artist and entrepreneur known for being a self-made marketing guru that worked his way to a Times Square billboard coming out of Baltimore. After following him for a few years, we caught up with him for an interview with PopGlitz Podcast host JaVonni Brustow for his first interview in about 2 years.. We covered everything from his humble beginnings of selling coffee to his case involving his previous employer he’s made headlines with recently.

One thing about the public and social media is that the streets don’t lie. Mentioning the name Chad Focus, and particularly in Baltimore has plenty of people who not only know of him but will vouch that he’s been an enterprising man since he was a child. And of course there’s his Billboard hit Dance with Me that’s garnered its own industry praise. He spoke about what it was like being in the studio with Lil Mo singing along with the track and how much of an honor it was since he grew up watching her. And who doesn’t like Lil Mo?

While speaking about growing up and being involved in his city, the topic of the squeegee boys came up which for those who know Baltimore are aware of. They’re young people that wash car windows in traffic, something that’s quite dangerous that city officials have been trying to do something about for over 30 years. He spoke about hiring them as well as his support for other artists and media people in Baltimore including bringing associates of his to LA to the BET Awards.

As for future projects, there will be a documentary on the way. That’s currently being discussed and as someone who has one heck of a story coming up in the industry with a lot of the behind the scenes aspects of the headlines still to be told, we’re sure this is going to be something worth watching.

Check out our interview with Chad Focus below:

Air Date: June 23, 2021