Photo Credit: Malcolm Drummer/Instagram

Malcolm Drummer’s a 28 year old rapper who appeared on both MTV’s Are You the One and Ex on the Beach where he clearly had plenty of fun. While we didn’t watch it, there’s plenty footage of him picking girls up, showering together and a montage of him being swingin’ around the set. Then since filming he decided to start an OnlyFans account posting his adult footage because, well, why not? He was arguably one of the best looking guys on both shows and you don’t have to watch the show to know that. As for his music, he’s great as a rapper and it doesn’t help he’s got a nice body to look at as well. And knowing he’s as hung as he claims to be in his music is a bonus.

As for his decision to do OnlyFans, we have to admit that we’re torn on it. For one, those that are on it and popular are making money. There’s no doubt about it. It also comes across as a Plan B where the content creators either give up on their original careers of modeling, acting, music, etc and start venturing into sex work. It’s almost like how people have gone to California and ended up on the sidewalk not long afterwards. But at the end of the day, he’s got his audience and we hope he’ll be the exception and continues to work on those television placements and juggle that OnlyFans account. He’s got people he doesn’t want to disappoint and from what we can see, he’s nowhere close to that for now.

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