Photo Credit: Beats 1 Radio/YouTube

Memphis rapper Blocboy JB has been a wanted man by the police for at least a week but because of his touring schedule he didn’t have the time to turn himself in. Hmm, must be nice. But that changed today when he turned himself in to Memphis authorities for drug and gun possession charges, having drug paraphernalia and property theft. Since he’s already a convicted felon, the handgun possession is a felony iteself.

Now Blocboy JB, whose real name is James Baker, blew up last year and finally on the mainstream. He even sued the video game Fortnite for using a dance of his in their game claiming they were infringing on his copyright and personality rights. That’s a pretty big deal and one would think he should be raking in cash now, right? Well whether he is or not, bad habits are hard to break. He’s been a member of the Crips gang since he was 14. At 16 he staged a home invasion with a bb gun that had him on house arrest after serving a month in prison. But he gets it honestly. His father is serving a 25 year sentence and broke out to visit him when he was 12. Now it isn’t often you hear about people breaking out of prison so this invincible attitude he seems to have makes sense.

This morning Blocboy JB appeared in court with his lawyer and had bail set at $50,000. Updates will be given as they come in.