Photo Credit: Blueface/Instagram

Rapper Blueface recently was arrested in February for possessing an unregistered gun and then in November he had a shootout with a man who attempted to rob him at a gas station. It doesn’t appear he’s had the best luck with guns and the former is a felony that carried a max of 3 years behind bars. Court records were just released showing that he and his legal team felt the February gun possession charge was racially motivated.

See, the premise behind him being charged is interesting because he and a group of other rappers were outside in L.A. and the LAPD said they were only trying to protect them and keep them from being robbed because they were wearing expensive jewelry. Now, when has anyone ever heard of police trying to protect rappers? We laughed when we heard this reasoning back in February and are still laughing about it today. When the police arrived on the scene, Blueface and his crew tossed their guns and ran. He was unfortunately caught and released later on $3,500 bond. Ironically, surveillance footage and fingerprints show that the guns found did not belong to nor were being held by Blueface proving his story of being not guilty true.

Attorneys for rapper Blueface have stated in court filings that the LAPD “may have complaints against them for racial or ethnic prejudice” and that the arresting officers may have a history of falsifying police reports. In response to this, the LAPD has said the rapper and his team has “no right to get his hands on confidential personnel files.”

There are people who look at stories like this and say that if a person wasn’t carrying an unregistered gun in the first place they wouldn’t be arrested. Well, outside of the rapper being proven to not have been carrying the gun he was arrested for carrying, if we have a fundamental right with the second amendment to carry guns, why would not having a permit for a firearm you’re carrying be anything more than a fine or misdemeanor charge? In my opinion, there is no reason anyone should get 3 years for an unregistered firearm. Prior felony convictions should possibly be considered but given that we all should have the ability to protect ourselves, the only reason you should be in trouble for carrying a gun is during the act of committing a crime. And while defending law enforcement, we have to remember that the premise of all laws should always be considered and questioned where appropriate. We will further report on this as more information is available.