Photo Credit: Boosie/Instagram

Rapper Boosie Badazz made the news this week for paying a man $500 for him to slap him for a music video he was doing. Now the video was for his single Period alongside DaBaby and instead of DaBaby doing the slapping, he’s actually doing it for a change. And it’s actually a slap that won’t involve anyone going to jail. So what could go wrong? Well Boosie’s had his Facebook account deactivated over the ordeal.

So how did Boosie react to this? He went on Twitter taking Mark Zuckerburg on directly saying, “@zuck u just a racist”. Now Boosie isn’t a stranger to social media controversy. He’s ran quite the raunchy account. I mean, he’s asked a woman to, and I quote… “put ya pussy lips on live I’ll give you a thousand dollars,” then turned around and said he didn’t know why he was suspended.

We actually feel for Boosie here. The man did what he had to do for the type of content that is shared across the internet all day long but got in trouble for it anyway. Sadly, knowing Facebook’s algorithm, they likely felt he was spreading violence. He’s since created a new Instagram account but there’s the possibility that one can be suspended for trying circumvent rules. Hopefully the decision gets overturned… or else we’re all going to have to deal with him in the process. Not that that won’t be equally as entertaining.