Photo Credit: DaBaby/Instagram

Last night rapper DaBaby, whose real name is Jonathan Kirk was arrested minutes after stepping off the stage in his hometown of Charlotte. He later went on Instagram saying that the police are always doing something to try to arrest when he’s performing at home. He was arrested on suspicion of possession of marijuana and charged with resisting arrest. All of the footage was on Instagram right after it happened and it doesn’t appear to show him attempting to do such. When he was released from a Charlotte-Mecklenburg jail, he told the local press that he had footage to back up his claims of not resisting arrest.

“What we got is high-quality audio and video of me doing everything but resisting arrest before they just brought me down here,” he told the media early this morning. “And we will be airing it out, and y’all will see how dirty the CM police department just did me on the holidays in front of my daughter when I was putting on a show for my city.”

Given the controversy and conflicting details given about his arrest, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department released a press statement saying, “The CMPD has launched an Internal Affairs investigation to determine if Officers followed department policies and directives during the incident.”

Kirk also told Charlotte TV station WCNC that the police “unlawfully searched my car, arrested me.” This supposedly occurred because Security smelled a strong odor of marijuana coming from his car when he arrived at 8:50 pm. Also, “Officers approached the white Dodge Charger and indicated they observed marijuana in plain view.” The release went on to say, “Shortly before 11 p.m., Kirk exited the Bojangles Arena and the officers stated they attempted to initiate a voluntary contact with Kirk. Officers stated that Kirk walked away from them and he refused to speak with the officers. Officers stated they detained Kirk in handcuffs and indicated they legally searched the vehicle.” After marijuana was found his car, he was then “transported to another location for the safety and security of Kirk and the officers.”

“After transporting Kirk to the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Department, officers decided that in lieu of arresting him, they would issue two North Carolina Uniform Citations for misdemeanor possession of marijuana and resist, obstruct and delay,” the release said. “Officers stated that they offered to drive Kirk anywhere he wanted to go; however, he did not want a ride and walked out of the jail with his two citations.”

All of this happened after he gave out hundreds of toys in his hometown. And do you know what would solve this? Legalizing marijuana. This has been a debate for years and it’s slowly been happening across the country. None of this had to happen and especially given all of the people freely smoking it across the country without consequence. Charlotte is a very economically divided city and having this type of extra, unnecessary burden hanging over people’s heads that they can get in trouble for doesn’t make sense at all.