Photo Credit: DaBaby/Instagram; TMZ

This weekend we reported on rapper DaBaby skipping out on a performance in Massachusetts after an incident with his Security where they beat a guy into a literal pulp. Seriously, the guy asked for a pic with the artist, grabbed the wrist of Security and got beat down for it. Now whether what he did was appropriate or not is one thing, but an entire group of Security and his entourage ganged up beating the guy, kicking him in the head, etc. in a very disturbing manner, all caught on camera. It was so bad that he’s now in a coma and according to his mother, he’s “not doing well.” He was immediately taken to the hospital after the attack, was released but collapsed at home. It was then revealed he had significant brain and neck swelling.

And here’s the kicker to all of this. The guy asking for a pic was another artist set to take the stage that night. His name is Don Trag. One would think him and his team would know who he was performing with. And on top of that, not acknowledging who you’re sharing a stage with is just a tad bit rude. As for the witnesses, none of them chose to cooperate with the police. His mother described the attackers as “animals” and has said she’s already been in touch with attorneys. DaBaby’s debut album just popped into the Billboard 200 chart in the top 10 and he’s going on tour with 21 Savage this summer which means that’s a lot of money he’ll be making to pay in a very likely settlement for what his team did that he just stood back watching happen.