Photo Credit: HoneyKomb Brazy/Instagram

Alabama rapper HoneyKomb Brazy has found himself in a world of trouble that is now causing serious problems for his family. It’s been about 3 months since he lost both of his grandparents in a home explosion an escaped drug kingpin is alleged to have caused, his mother’s home has been shot up multiple times causing her to be quite shaken up. Brazy’s mother Tenecsha Jones said she was the intended target Thursday, June 3rd when her home was shot at but thankfully she wasn’t home.

“They shot it up again,” she said. “I can tell. I came here yesterday and those weren’t there,” pointing to bullet holes in a glass window. “Not this glass. None of that.” This would make the 4th time her house has been shot at. When asked why does it keep happening, she said, “Because they want my son Nashon Jones dead.” And her son Nashon Jones, better known as HoneyKomb Brazy is currently behind bars on a probation violation. She currently just wants it all to stop before anyone else in her family dies. “I’m kind of like shaky,” she confessed. “I’m kind of like nervous. I’m kind of like upset, and I lost everything.”

Now to be in your mid-20s and to have a 40+ year old drug kingpin escaping to shoot up your grandparents’ home, getting their oxygen tanks causing it to explode is serious. He spent time in the same cell as his dad who’s doing life some time ago and he has his own record dating back at least a decade. This would be a good time for him to get his act together before he unfortunately ends up going the route of his grandparents.