Photo Credit: Jeezy/Instagram

Rapper Jeezy and Jeannie Mae got engaged during quarantine and are spending time together enjoying their new engaged life. Jeannie Mae’s expressed that things are going so well she’s not even thinking about wedding planning just yet. And that’s understandable given the amount of stress that cause. Another reason might be the other stresser they’re dealing with that she didn’t talk about in her Entertainment Tonight interview from this week.

Jeezy’s baby mother Mahlet “Mahi” Gebremedhin just tried to have him put in jail for not buying her a new car. Yes, you read that correctly. Now that’s a new level of bossing up on the father of your kids. To her credit, the two had made an agreement in March that he would put $30,000 aside for her to get a new car as a part of their custody agreement. So Gebremedhin chose a 2020 Jeep Wrangler. She turned over the documents, only to get stalled by Jeezy’s attorney.

Excuses on her not getting the car ranged from Jeezy’s attorney asking for more documents so that they wouldn’t just “blindly” give her money to saying his finances had been affected by covid19 and in so many words, didn’t have it. They tried to make payment arrangements with her but she didn’t want to hear it. She filed a letter of contempt against him with the intent of having him arrested. Since then the two have come to an agreement.

Fellas, use this as a warning on surviving covid19. If you have an ex that has you on child support, go ahead and work something out before you end up in this same situation as Jeezy.