Photo Credit: Kamaiyah/Instagram

Oakland rapper Kamaiyah pulled an Aurora, Colorado moment firing off a gun in the middle of a film screening room in a San Fernando Valley condo development leading to her arrest. She wasn’t arguing with anyone or anything. She was simply sitting in her seat playing with her gun before a round went off and off to jail she went. Caught on film, she was seen making a run for it after clearly effing up but not before the police caught up with her. A warrant was issued for her arrest and she was located and taken in a few weeks as details of her arrest were just revealed. And this simple-minded moment of hers cost her $35,000 in bond. The object lesson here is not to pull a gun out unless you intend on using it. We see a lot of people using guns as props in music videos and if we were Kamaiyah, we’d get someone to show us how to safely handle one before they end up like minus an eye or something.

Kamaiyah recently had Tyga and Quavo featured on her single Windows, which gives tribute to Black Panthers, Nipsey Hussle and Hype Williams music videos. While that’s a very good move, honoring those who came before her in her hometown, we’re sure they might have a problem with her contributing to unnecessary violence playing with a gun the way she was. Hopefully this doesn’t repeat itself.