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Rapper Lil Baby was arrested Thursday for reckless driving and trying to elude a police officer, all stemming from not using a turn signal. There’s footage of what’s believed to be Lil Baby being held onto the ground being arrested in Atlanta as well. As for why he chose to speed off and lose the police like it’s Miami Vice or something is beyond me, but there’s never a good reason for trying to run from police. In fact, the chances are you have something in your car you have no business or you’ve done SOMETHING wrong. Maybe it’s time to learn something from what goes on down the border and start hiding things in panels of your car if you have to go through all of that to keep from getting arrested. I’m just saying. lol. And being friends and associates with Young Thug likely doesn’t help. Let’s not forget about how he was involved in the case of shooting up Lil Wayne’s tour bus a few years back.

In the end Lil Baby was booked and released on a signature bond. But it didn’t happen without him having anything to say about it. He’s since posted on Instagram a pic of him captioned with “Fuck The Police Who Be On That Bullshit , Shoutout To The Ones Who Get You Thru The Process ASAP ….. 💨.” Alright, tough guy. You just worry about keeping your tail out of jail. You’re only one album in. Let’s not go down the road of Tekashi 69 who’s younger than you and suppsedly getting out literally when he’s 69 years old.