Photo Credit: Lil Durk/Instagram

Lil Durk is currently under a court mandated curfew after being released on bond a little over a week over when his pastor from Chicago flew to Atlanta testified on his behalf about his character. He did it so Durk didn’t have to sit in jail for God knows how long during court proceedings for the handful of charges he was facing connected to a shooting outside of an Atlanta restaurant. That’s great and all but artist tend to perform at night. Within the first 3 days of being released he canceled 6 shows and given that his rate is $30,000 per late night show, this is starting to become a problem. As stated in court regarding his character, he’s a family man with children that he provides for, an argument used to grant him bail which shows he isn’t a flight risk since he has a family. So he’s asked the judge to allow him to travel with leniency on his curfew so that he can continue making money while his case is being adjudicated.

Here’s the thing. If Durk isn’t able to work, he can’t provide for his family. a curfew might work for people who work day jobs, but he’s an exception. He can’t sneak out to do a show because of both who he is and the ankle monitor the judge has him wearing so he’s in a bit of a bind. And did we mention he has 6 kids AND other family members he provides for? While there’s no guarantee that him asking a judge for leniency will work, we’re hoping for fairness in the legal system here and that he will be granted such. We’ll be updating on progress of this matter.