Photo Credit: Lil Reese/Instagram

Rapper Lil Reese is experiencing what feels like a sequel to the Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day book. He’s been shot for the second time today. This time he’s in a video where a man is accusing him of trying to carjack him as his head is covered in blood and fans of his are around calling out his name. Along with him was a 20 year old man that was shot in the knee, 28 year old grazed in the eye and a 27 year old in critical condition. No one has been taken into custody yet.

Reese’s previous incident today involved him in a shootout in a parking garage this morning in River North. When cops arrived, 3 men had sustained bullet wounds and a stolen and crashed Dodge Durango was there on the scene. Two men were reported to be in critical condition while a third in serious condition.

You can go back just a couple posts on Reese’s Instagram page and he’s talking about the time he was lying in the hospital in 2019 where he almost died from a gunshot to his neck. No word on whether he was involved in any of the carjackings or what the cause for the shootings have been just yet. For now, at this point Reese needs to be glad he’s still on this Earth. He certainly has better luck than a lot of other people in Chicago, making it through not 1 but 3 shootings with 2 being in the same day.