Photo Credit: Metro Marrs/Instagram

Rapper Metro Marrs, known for being on City Girls’ label Quality Control was arrested at his graduation, in cap and gown for *checks notes* throwing money during a pandemic. Yes, you read that correctly. The rapper, who just turned 18 walked the stage at his Fairburn, GA graduation and thought he would share some wealth with his classmates by throwing $10,000 in the air.

Unamused, he was immediately taken away to be detained for disorderly conduct and inciting a riot. Did we mention he did this during a pandemic when people are cash strapped? In the words of Boosie, “Come on, man.” Let the man help his friends out. If the school administrators wanted to run and get a couple hundreds, they could have done the same.

But he’s not the only one to get in trouble for throwing money in the air. Rich the Kid did the same in LA throwing money out of his car window in Beverly Hills. He received a ticket for it last month. Fines in LA for this are between $250 and $1,000. Rapper Blueface went viral for this months prior to the pandemic throwing $500k at the homeless on Skid Row while standing on top of his car. A lot of people said he was wrong but when a person is at their worst, would you argue with how you receive it? Also, this is actually a tradition in LA where a lot of dealers used to take care of the community doing that. But what’s history, eh?