Photo Credit: OMB Peezy/Instagram

Right before Thanksgiving, rapper OMB Peezy, known for songs like Lay Down and When I Was Down, shocked the world by posting a video of him getting head on Facebook. For one, that’s not allowed and secondly, if you hadn’t heard of him at that point, you did afterwards and he gained some fans from the ordeal as well.

After seeing fan reactions he said, “I just woke up n y’all still on da bullsh*Y’all make a ni**a feel good doet.” And he said, “My new name “mr. Smooth” doe.” An Alabama native who moved to Cali as a kid in what he said was a stolen U-haul, he had an interesting childhood. But it’s his impressive manhood that’s got fans giving him a second look today.

Check out OMB Peezy’s “accidental” leak below: