Photo Credit: Remy Ma/Instagram

Remy Ma was arraigned yesterday for an assault case involving fellow Love & Hip Hop NY star Brittney Taylor. Supposedly, back in April, in a green room at a Pretty Lou Benefit Concert at Irving Plaza in NYC, Remy Ma hit Brittney in the eye. She said it was such an embarrassing event that she didn’t call the police until a day later. Remy was just charged with two counts of third degree assault, one count of second degree aggravated harassment, and one count of second degree harassment.

Dawn Florio, Remy’s attorney objected to the time the assault was claimed to have happened at 10:30 pm, saying they had visual evidence to show she was somewhere else. So the prosecutors moved the time up to 9:30, which would have shown that they were in each other’s presence. Her publicist, Ernest Dukes called the accusation “baseless” His statement said, “Both of Remy’s lawyers assert there’s credible evidence to support that this is a baseless case and nothing more than a money grab attempt.”

A plea deal was offered for her to plead guilty to the top charge, assault in the third degree, which would drop all the lower charges. It would also require she go into a long-term anger management program. She’s turned that down and is set to go to trial in July. Now this is all interesting because Remy Ma has been going out of her way to stay out of trouble. Whenever there were raised voices and fighting on Love & Hip Hop or in general, she’s been getting out of the way, even leaving the premises so that she wouldn’t get caught in the middle of anything, so the notion that she would do something like this, where she could go back to prison after serving 6 years. There is nothing we can think of that would cause her to do that unless it involved her husband Papoose, and in that instance, we would have heard about it… and probably because he wouldn’t be walking the earth anymore. And if she hit someone, Remy doesn’t come across as someone who’s going to sneak a punch. If she were to do it, it would be a known thing. How is it no one heard this happen or noticed her eye? Whatever the case is, we’re hoping it didn’t happen and that she’ll be exonerated from these charges.