Photo Credit: Rod Wave/Instagram

Apparently someone can’t keep their hands to themselves according to records of the Pinellas County Jail in Florida. Rapper Rod Wave whose real name is Rodarius Marcell Green was booked just after midnight Monday morning facing charges of felony strangulation. It was a traffic violation that lead to the initial police encounter but an out of county warrant is what had him arrested.

While it isn’t clear what the arrest was over and who he strangled, the internet can always find a way to make light of anything. In 2020 he broke a stage at a Halloween concert that people have been saying he went and tracked down a fan to choke for saying that. Just kidding, we said it and hell, it’s possible. You don’t know.

Sadly, this goes against the charitable nature he’s been exhibiting lately as he caused a traffic backup in his hometown giving away $25,000 in free gas.. and now this happens. We’ll be reporting more on this as additional information becomes available.