Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

Today was a day of reckoning for rapper Tekashi69 who until recently has been facing a whopping 47 years behind bars for what a judge has described as him terrorizing New York City. He spent nearly 2 hours on the stand today testifying against his former fellow gang members in the Nine Trey Bloods. He was said to be noticeably nervous which he should be because he’s expected now to be out in just a few years and in the witness protection program, but given his easily identifiable tattoos, that might make things a little difficult for him. Maybe he thought the day was going to go down like Cardi B’s Press video where she got up and shot up half of the courtroom. (Thank God that’s just fantasy.) But while on the stand, he even stuck his finger out and identified two men who are on trial, calling the two out, Aljermiah “Nuke” Mack and Anthony “Harv” Ellison as Nine Trey Gang members.

What’s most interesting is just how he got into all of this trouble which we’ve been wondering for some time, because he’s really been deep in it and WHILE making money rapping. One would think he could have left it alone, but he explained it in court that he wanted his 2017 music video for his single Gummo to be authentic with actual gang members in it. And his wish was granted. He got the gang members he asked for, and even bought three dozen red bandannas for them to put on for the shoot. In fact, this was the first thing he requested when he met his manager Seqo Billy. In court, they played the video and he started naming gang members left and right. As for how he got into the gang, no initiation was needed. All he was asked to do was keep making money so he could finance their activity. Sounds like he was being used more so than anything. And keep in mind that all the violence around him as in him being kidnapped and having a video shoot he was in with Nicki Minaj and other artists getting shot up was because he stopped giving them money.

And let’s talk about the prison he’s serving time in. It’s a facility filled with other snitches like him so it’s not as though what he did is being looked down upon there. And he was taken through a secured tunnel to get there where he’s under heavy guard. But everyone’s not thrilled about what he just did today.. which is to be expected of course. Rapper Skinnyfromthe9 in New York City said him snitching was wrong. When asked if Tekashi could revive his career after all this snitching he just did, he said it would be an uphill battle. What else is going to be an uphill battle is going to be getting through his time in court because today was only day 1 of him being on the stand. Whew. Just imagine what the next day’s going to be like.