Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

Rapper Tekashi69 shocked fans today when he was sentenced to two years behind bars for racketeering, gun and drug charges today when he was originally expected to spend half a century incarcerated. Now pricey lawyers may have had something to do with it, he also got on the stand and for 3 days sang like a canary on top of all the behind the scenes tattling he had been doing. For months he had become the topic of discussion with his name becoming synonymous with snitch. He threw so many people under the bus as fellow Nine Trey Bloods that Cardi B was even drug into the mess allegedly as one. Now whether she happens to be one or not may be up for debate but we’ve also seen what she does when she gets upset. Let’s not forget the time she paid some people to beat up some girls working in a club for sleeping with her husband, rapper Offset. Similarly, he too paid someone to shoot at rap rival Chief Keef.

On top of 2 year prison sentence, Tekashi69 received, he has 300 hours of community service to fulfill and 5 years of supervised release. A court filing shows that attorney Lance Lazzaro asked for a reduced punishment based on his minimal criminal history and his “extraordinary assistance and cooperation with the government.” The amazing part about all of this is the fact that all of this happened after he joined the gang in 2017 and just wanted some real gang members in a music video of his. It went on to him financing them and getting kidnapped when he decided to stop paying.

The total of what Tekashi69 plead guilty to was nine federal felonies including racketeering conspiracy, firearms charges, narcotics trafficking, and violent crimes in aid of racketeering. The object lesson here is that portraying an image is one thing. Actually deciding to get involved in criminal behavior just to legitimize it isn’t. There are plenty of rappers who rap about their actual life experiences for which I say that if you don’t like the content, let’s work to change the circumstances so you won’t have to keep hearing about it. But to get involved in a gang just to pose in music videos and possibly go away for 50 years is shameful. The targets that are going to be on his back two years from now are something I wouldn’t wish on anyone.