Photo Credit: Tekashi69/Instagram

It’s been some time since rapper Tekashi69 has been sitting behind bars for what was originally expected to be life, down to 47 years and now he might get out in a couple years due to his level of cooperation in the case. For those living under a rock, he’s been described by a judge as terrorizing New York City at barely the age of 20 and an associate of his, Kooda B plead guilty not long ago for shooting at someone in Times Square outside of a hotel as an order by Tekashi69. A lot of people rap about things they don’t partake in, like Future, whose music is all about drugs despite him saying he doesn’t do any, but Tekashi has the rap sheet to back up his words.

But to add to the level of snitching he’s already done, prosecutors say he’s expected to testify and give more names of the Nine Trey Blood gang he’s in including those that kidnapped and robbed him the summer of 2018. One example of what’s expected to come out is that gang member SEQO put out a message that if any rival bloods that were to come across Tekashi, they were to “fire on him.” It’s also been revealed that Tekashi’s job was to bankroll the gang but when he cut off the funding, that’s when things heated up against him and when he was kidnapped. He’s expected to be placed in the witness protection program, although it may prove to be a little difficult given his distinctive tattoos. With all this snitching he’s been doing, it would serve his best interest to go into hiding once he gets out, whenever that is.