Photo Credit: Trina/Instagram

Rapper Trina was minding her business shopping in Wal-Mart over the weekend when she bumped into a woman and got called the N word. To be exact, she was actually called a “n*gger b*tch” after telling her to “watch out.” What hapened next is almost exactly what one could expect out of such a situation. “Say it again you dirty-a** b*tch!” she shouted. “I am an [N-word] bitch. Say it again! Say it again. I dare you to say it. I dare you to motherf*ckin’ say it.” And we said almost because being from South Florida, it’s amazing this didn’t result in her being dragged across the floor like a Swiffer mop by her hair. The police showed up but no arrests were made. In the end, we’re sure she won’t be calling anyone else the N word again. Trina hasn’t given a comment about what happened but you know who will be giving one? Her favorite troll, rapper Khia Shamone is going to have a blast with this, not for letting the woman have it, that’s understandable. She’s going to roast her for being in Walmart in the first place.

In other Trina news, she recently lost her mother and has been there for Lil Kim who lost her dad this month, so the last thing her mind is on is some internet beef. But we know Khia has no limit or third rail. If she hasn’t already, she’ll probably go run that through the mud as well. Then again, Trina’s offering some competition to Khia these days in the entertainment news reporting realm. Trina and Trick Daddy are set to replace the Rickey Smiley Radio Show with a show of their own. You might remember that Khia and TS Madison had a Youtube show and discussed coming close to closing a deal on an official show and even had Nicki Minaj considering contributing but the two couldn’t get along together enough to see it through. Now here it is that Trina has a show and Khia is at home doing a call in show and recently got caught on camera with her call in line being disconnected. Guess that’s what happens when you spend more time shading others than getting your own business together. And given the way Trina reacted to that woman in Wal-Mart, Khia might want to tread lightly.