Photo Credit: YFN Lucci/Instagram; TMZ

Just when the news of this weekend’s violence in the rap community seemed to have died down, one more report came in today about raper YFN Lucci’s car being shot up while in Atlanta. A shower of bullets hit his Mercedes G Wagon on Friday injuring one person inside, leaving him with two gunshot wounds. By the way, it’s his car, but it’s registered in his mother’s name. Bullets hit all passenger windows on all sides, the rear window, rear door, bumper and one of the rear tires. One of the bullets reportedly hit him while driving, hitting his left shoulder.

So far he hasn’t made a comment on the incident but we’re glad to see that he’s both alive and doing well. Another thing we’re happy about is that his ex, Lil Wayne’s daughter, Regina Carter wasn’t hit. When she first started dating him, her mother, Toya Wright, was adamantly against it. To an extent, she appeared to have been overprotective because she was just doing what she did as a child and her intermingling within the industry wouldn’t be that hard to fathom. And here we have an incident where his car was shot up and she could have been in there with him.

If ever there was a time for her to thank God, this would be it for Reginae. Mothers do always know what’s best. And Lucci should do the same. There were a slew of shootings since last Wednesday including the studio Offset was in, two of Young Thug’s party buses, NBA Youngboy’s girlfriend was shot in a hellfire of bullets outside of a Trump hotel outside of Miami and Chicago rapper Hellabandz was killed outside of a Miami club. That last one could have been him.