Photo Credit: Devin Christopher for The FADER

Florida rapper YNW Melly was arrested on Valentine’s Day for two counts of first degree murder in the investigation of his two friends Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. He wrote on Instagram before turning himself that the system was seeking to find justice by incarcerating him and called it all rumors. Well that argument hasn’t gotten him very far as he’s still incarcerated.

New details, however have come in that not only did he allegedly kill the two, he staged a drive by shooting to have an event for law enforcement to point to as for when they were killed. He killed them both and had them in his car while he was shooting out of the window at inanimate objects writing his storyline for the police back on October 26th when it all occurred. His associate Cortlen Henry, better known as YNW Bortlen was arrested and charged as well. He then drove the dead bodies to emergency room in the early hours of the morning claiming they were shot after leaving a studio session.

Now all of this isn’t particularly smart because anyone who’s seen any crime solving show knows that shell casings can be found as well as the likely angle and direction a bullet came from which is exactly what happened here. It was determined that the first bullets came from out of the car and that his friend shot at the car. That was a well orchestrated crime but just a little over the top, He would have done better digging a hole in the ground and burying them if he insisted on disposing of the bodies himself. Anyone who would drive dead bodies to the ER is absolutely going to be side eyed.