Photo Credit: Young Dro/Instagram

Remember those episodes of Family Matters, Cheers or even Diagnosis Murder where you’re having a disagreement at the dinner table and the next thing you know a slice of coconut cream pie went flying at the spouse and a food fight would break out? Usually it all ended in laughter. Rarely was the police ever called over this, at least not in tv land. Real life on the other hand was just a little bit different for rapper Young Dro who was just revealed to have been arrested on July 5th for attacking his girlfriend with a banana pudding in their Atlanta home.

As of this moment, Dro, whose real name is D’Juan Montrel Hart is currently still sitting in jail over the incident despite her saying she did not want to press charges against him and he’s facing two counts of misdemeanor battery/family violence. The reason he’s not been released is because he’s behind on child support as well. The argument began over money leading to flying dinner and now this. He owes $41,000 in child support and would need to pay $10,000 to be released. He says he’s up to date on his payments and that it is a clerical error.

This is a prime example of unnecessarily calling the police. His girlfriend didn’t want to pres charges and yet he’s still sitting behind bars. Then on the other hand, food is for eating. He might have seen a little too much television thinking this was going to end differently. No word on his release has come up yet.