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The saga of Ray J and Princess Love continues with a recent interview Ray J did with People Magazine giving an update on the status of their relationship. So far, in recent weeks, his wife has stated she no longer wants to be married to him and announced she’s filing for divorce after what she described as Ray J leaving her stranded 8-9 months pregnant. He claims he just left her in a hotel room alone in Vegas during an argument but he blocked her on Instagram in the process adding insult to injury. Matters were made worse with him being photographed out without his ring on. He spoke to Wendy Williams about this yesterday saying he’s still married and has love for his wife and now People Magazine.

“Well, first off, let me say, Princess, I love you, baby, and I’m sorry for all the things that happened,” Ray J told PEOPLE. “We cool now and we’ll work it out. I know you still mad at me, but as a couple, you go through things and it just got a little bit out of hand,” he continued. “Sometimes it gets out to the public and then everybody has their opinion on it, but we’re good though, as parents and as friends and as husband and wife. We just went through something.” Oh, and the time he was caught without his ring on his finger, he said “I was going through the airport, my hands needed some lotion, so they got me without it.” Hmm. Okay, Ray J. We know how opportunistic the paparazzi can be, so we’ll give you that one. Ray J went on to add, “I got a tattoo though, as well. The tattoo is under the ring. Princess is like, ‘Well, it’s not that good of a tattoo’ so I’ve got to get a better one. … I still can expand it a little more.”

This all started during Soul Train Awards when he posted a pic of his family on Instagram thanking BET and tagging his wife, only for her to comment that he had left them stranded. “Thank you @bet. #SoulTrainAwards @princesslove @melodylovenorwood,” he wrote with Princess commenting “Left me and Melody stranded in Vegas and blocked me from calling.. now you wanna post family photos. #ByeUgly.” Now we witnessed a lot of people saying that she’s ungrateful and whines a lot. If she whines on social media, it’s because he has chosen to live his life putting everything about their personal relationship on social media and television, so what do you expect? He told Wendy the same thing he said on his Instagram Live that their issues need to be kept between them. Well that hasn’t stopped them before.

If any of this just seems too over the top, that’s because there’s a good chance it is. There’s been talk that the two are working on a spin-off show of their own OR a Hollywood relationship show with some other stars. This hasn’t been confirmed but it would certainly make sense about this outlandish behavior these two have been exhibiting lately which appears to be above and beyond the usual for them. It looks like there’s going to be plenty more of drama between these two to cover and as usual, everything but their business ventures where we wish they would for once focus their energy.

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