Photo Credit: Brian Ach/WireImage

Like the N’Sync meme goes, “it’s gonna be may” and Raz B’s going to be in jail for some time. He was just arrested in the early morning hours of May 1st after beating up and choking his girlfriend after an argument in a parking lot. His arrest happened after she told her family about what happened. A statements from his team was made on his behalf where they stated this happened due to trauma he’s experienced and that he accepts full responsibility for his actions. Now if this were anyone else, we would call BS on it, but in his case, he’s proven to be the most troubled member of his group B2K. He’s already announced quitting the group once while on their current tour and a conspiracy theorist would say he did this to get out of the rest of it.

The statement to the press about his arrest went as follows: “Raz B was arrested in the early morning hours of May 1st in Minneapolis on allegations of domestic violence. He is currently being held without bond at the Hennepin County Jail. The incident comes after a long history of publicly documented trauma for the musician, and difficulties coping with its aftermath. Raz B will not perform with B2K at Wednesday night’s Minneapolis show.

Raz B takes full responsibility for his actions. The incident represents a turning point after years of isolation, suppressed emotions, and unhealthy coping mechanisms in response to childhood trauma. He intends to seek treatment to become a better man and grow beyond the pain of his worse mistakes.

At this time, Raz B needs support and privacy as he begins a journey towards greater healing. Raz B apologizes to his family, his fans, and most importantly his group mates of B2K — who he considers his brothers and never intended to disappoint in this way. Being on the tour has forced deep-seeded issues to resurface that just be addressed, and Raz B is committed to doing the work necessary to heal and grow.”

We’re going to be praying for Raz B but putting your hands on your girlfriend is not cool. It is worth noting that his team said he did so in self-defense but he could use the treatment still. This is especially true since the reason he quit the tour is because he didn’t feel safe with his old manager around, the one he claims molested them all.