Photo Credit: TMZ

Peter Thomas from the Real Housewives of Atlanta was arrested at Miami International airport after getting off of a plane and taken to Miami Dade County Correctional Facility. He was arrested for fraud. For those who followed the Real Housewives of Atlanta, this would come as no surprise because this serial entrepreneur has always had financial issues and sometimes seemingly shady business deals. Don’t get us wrong. Peter gets credit for getting off of his ass and doing something unlike others who seem to live off of their spouses *cough, Gregg Leakes.* And we’re talking about before he started having health problems. But wait until you hear what type of fraud Peter was committing… check fraud. He wasn’t arrested for writing bad checks; they said he was issuing fake checks. Now THAT’s a new one and takes guts.

In Peter’s past legal issues, he’s owed $100,000 in bank rent on his Atlanta restaurant Bar One in the past as well as rent on his then wife Cynthia Bailey’s modeling agency, The Bailey Agency across the street. He was also sued for defrauding an investor out of $150,000. The accusation is that Peter claimed to have been geting his own Bravo spin off which helped solidifiy the deal and the 15% stake he was promised as an investor didn’t appear to be true either. Again, we respect Peter’s entrepreneurial prowess but not to the extent of writing fake checks. It might explain his close friendship with co-star Phaedra Parks’ ex-husband Apollo Nida who is currently doing time for money laundering and other crimes. If Peter is a club owner, he would know a thing or two about washing money and for his sake, we hope he wasn’t involved in any money laundering because that’s common in that industry.