Photo Credit: Ashley Darby/Instagram

Real Housewives of Potomac star Ashley Darby just turned 30 today and to celebrate she posted a sonogram of her baby on Instagram thankful for a healthy pregnancy. She went on to state how grateful she is for her supportive family and equally as important, that she was even able to get pregnant this time around. She cites in her post that about this time last year she had just found out she was pregnant but had a miscarriage. Looking back, she does have plenty to be grateful for as she’s quite blessed at 30.

Now it’s time to discuss how Ashley got to 30. She’s the youngest cast member on the Real Housewives of Potomac, coming onto the franchise at 27 years old and in that time period, outside of Karen Huger, she’s arguably one of the most scandal prone on the cast. There’s her mother, who she got her husband to rent a house for who he doesn’t quite seem that fond of… so much so that he said he was afraid of her having children because she might raise them the way her mother raised her. Then there’s the scandal where he was charged for sexually assaulting a production crew member and the time he said he wanted to perform fellatio on one of the other ladies’ husbands. Even from day 1 she came on the show making her mark by dry humping castmate Robyn Dixon. While offensive to some, given how Robyn’s in a live in situationship with her ex-husband, she probably could have stood some sort of humping if any, anyway.

But we brought all this up to say that Ashley has definitely had a colorful 30 years and we’re grateful to have her on the show because she knows how to be entertaining. That could be from her former pageant queen days from winning Miss DC in 2011 or a penchant for drama. Either way, we’re happy to have her. Happy 30th, Ashley!