Photo Credit: Falynn Guobadia/Instagram

We have another relationship ended after appearing on the Real Housewives of Atlanta and this time it’s Falynn Guobadia. She’s the newcomer that LaToya Howard was mocking for dating an older man everytime she saw her. Well it looks like the poking might have been because she was on to something. The couple have recently announced splitting but Falynn’s husband Simon Guobadia has hented at a number of problems that lead to them getting to this point. Apparently cheating and drugs were likely the cause.

First, for her announcement, she said, “After two years of marriage and 5 years of friendship, Simon and I have made the difficult decision to go our separate ways. We are deeply thankful for the impact we have made in each other’s lives, as well as the bonds formed with each other’s children. This mutual decision was not made lightly, and despite our current willingness to be transparent, we only ask our friends and supporters to be respectful of our privacy as our family gets through this very difficult period.”

“I would like to say thank you to all of my supporters who have shown a great deal of love to our family,” the 31-year-old added. “You all do not go unnoticed.”

In a message of his own, Simon wrote, “After a year and a half together, Falynn and I have made the mutual decision to end our marriage,” the 56 year old wrote. “Despite our willingness to be transparent, we respectfully ask for privacy at this time. Thank you.”

Now for the juicy part. In a video shared by TheNeighborhoodTalk, Simon’s seen talking about their problems responding to questions during an Instagram Live sessions saying, “You guys just want something very salacious. How was [the] infidelity exposed? Just understand that I’m very good at what I do when I need to find something out.”

Simon added, “In order for you to have a healthy relationship you have to be emotionally on the same level. You have to vibrate on the same level, spiritually and all of that. When one person is up here and the other person is doing this, vibrating down, you can either go down with them or continue to resist and vibrate up. And eventually, something’s gonna give and say ‘Okay I want to continue to vibrate [high] because when I do these things – good things – happen to me. But when I go do these [bad] things over there rather it’s to cheat or do drugs-or do any kind of thing that is harmful to your spirit or body, there are consequences for it.’”

As for a timeline of the couple’s relationship, Simon said, “We were broken up since late January. I’ve been in this state of mind, of pain, for over a year.”

Simon and Falynn had 7 children together from previous relationships. It’s amazing these two lasted a year and a half being separated for a full year. They barely had a honeymoon season. For those of us busy with our lives, it would seem easy to ignore the other person for at least a few month and be able to go a little longer before going through the effort to untangle 7 children. Either way, being on reality tv isn’t for the weak hearted and it will definitely expose what underlying problems you may have. Thrown in a pandemic and whew.