Photo Credit: Bravo

It’s hard to believe we’re already 7 episodes into this season of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. That’s mostly because some of us OG viewers are still lamenting the absence of cast members Phaedra Parks, Sheree Whitfield and supreme sh*tstarter Kenya Moore. Without them the show’s seemed to have been lacking a bit. It could also have to do with the new showrunner hired but whatever the case, this episode was reminiscent of the Atlanta housewives drama we’ve become accustomed to.

The ladies of Atlanta took one of their famous girls trips this episode and this time to Destin, Florida. Eva Marcille had just arrived from her bachelorette party that she invited Porsha to and no one else saying she was tired and was looking for a chill weekend. Between Nene Leakes’ mouth and Porsha William’s twerkin’ a**, how anyone could possibly think they’re getting any rest with those two around alone, is simply astonishing. And besides that, predictably, she faced a table full of women asking how is it that she not only didn’t invite but only one of the women to her bachelorette party but Nene was asked to speak at her wedding. If anyone should have gotten an invitation to the party it should have been her. She went through a nice long diatribe about how she didn’t think it was a big deal, that Nene likely didn’t want to go anyway. And as a last ditch effort, she groveled like we’ve never before seen to make it clear that she was still #TeamNene. Her level of a**kissing a**hattery was such that even Nene said it made her feel uncomfortable.

One person upset about not making it on the trip was Kandi Burruss’ daughter Riley. She said she’s been waiting to be taken on a trip. Kandi told her, “we just came back from Dubai.” Riley’s response? “That was a month ago.” Okay, Riley. We see you have it like that. It was originally planned as a couple’s trip except the fact that most of the men couldn’t come. That of course left room for truth or dare where people like Kandi got a dare to call her husband and flash her boobs on Facetime in front of everyone. Unfortunately, that never happened. Eva got dared to call her husband and have phone sex. That didn’t happen either. And in case anyone needed clarification, telling your husband you’d like to sit on his facial region when you get home, is not a turn on. It never has and never will be. Eva did suck on Shamari Devoe’s fingers though… and remember, she had a bi phase in the past. Come to think of it, according to Porsha Williams’ friend Shamea Morton, Eva dated Missy before so those two definitely had to have liked it.

Nene turned the notch up on things by asking Porsha if her man dated anyone on their bus or anyone they knew. She began explaining what Kandi knew about other women her fiancé had dated… and then it all went left. She started things off by saying they had bee in a strictly monogamous relationship to Kandi saying she was in the club with another man a few months ago with his hand on her ass. Now the old Porsha would have had the police called on her for her reaction, but she kept it cool. Instead she sai that they weren’t exclusive yet at the time. And this is where the Bravo editing shade came in. They showed Porsha saying how long they were exclusive and then footage of her saying they were seeing other people which was clearly within that time frame. They do the same to Eva all the time.

Then there’s the rooms accommodations. The house they’re staying in is beautiful… but, one of the rooms have bunk beds. And to up the ante, the ladies got to tell each other who was staying in what room. Remember how much Marlo Hampton and Tanya Sam got along with each other because their styles are so similar? Well the comradery’s likely dead now that Marlo made Tanya sleep in the room with the bunkbeds.

The castmember I’m most excited about is Shamari. There were some concerned about her fitting into the group but previews of her in the next episode show that she’s fitting in just fine. When Marlo offered to give her a makeover, err um, update to her look, she said in her confessional that she was not going to take fashion advice from someone who dressed like the main character of Pirate of the Last Caribbean. I’d much prefer that being said to her face, but that’s a start. There’s also a clip of her telling Marlo “I was A List when you were an alias” and the word b*tch was exchanged a few times back and forth. It’s settled. Shamari has earned her peach.

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