Photo Credit: Richard Sherman/Istagram

Richard Sherman had court Friday where he expressed deep remorse for his actions after his arrest for attempting to break into his father in law’s home in a heated argument caught on camera after crashing his car. A police dog was sent to subdue him on the premises as the climax to him telling friends by text he was going to hang himself. His wife had called 911 erratic trying to get help for her husband but was met with a combative 911 operator.

When Sherman’s wife, Ashley Moss would tell the dispatcher that this was a “f—king emergency,” the dispatcher could be heard saying, “you need to stop telling me that” and “talking to me is not going to slow help down.” She could also be heard telling her to “stop interrupting me.”

The 911 call Sherman’s wife had went so badly that the Redmond, Washington police department had to distance themselves from the operator. A statement from the Richmond Police Department stated that an investigation into what people on social media called condescending, rude and disrespectful would be underway.

“The Redmond Police Department has received a series of misdirected complaints following the release of 911 audio from last week’s arrest of Richard Sherman. Online petitions and social media comments have raised questions about how the King County Sheriff’s Office handled initial 911 calls from unincorporated King County,” Redmond police said.

“Many have mistakenly associated those calls to the City of Redmond’s Communications Center, which is not connected to the King County Sheriff’s Office. The City of Redmond was not involved in the recordings highlighted by the complaints. The King County Sheriff’s Office, in response to public comment, opened an administrative review of this matter that will take several months to conclude.”

The King County’s Sheriff’s Department expressed that they would be investigating the call.