Photo Credit: Richard Sherman/Instagram

Details about Richard Sherman’s shocking arrest last week continue to come in and now we’ve learned he sustained injuries while getting detained. You all should remember that when police were called on him by his wife after trying to force his way into his father in law’s place, she said he was going to fight them if they came. And fight he did. He needed stitches before it was all over. A giant gash on his foot had to be sewed up and two officers got injured in the process as well.

One officer got a scrape on their shoulder and another a large wound on the inside of his thigh. The officers involved described the injuries as minor and no one required significant medical treatment. The important part is that everyone got through this still living. And it almost didn’t happen given the fact that calls for the dispatch who sent officers out have largely been called on to be fired, even involving the local police department to distance themselves from her words with an investigation now going on.



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