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Rihanna was minding her business this week accepting a National Hero of Barbados Award which came on top of the fact the country had just severed ties with Britain becoming a Republic when she found herself defending herself against rumors again. And it’s not that she isn’t used to dealing with this, but this was an accusation of her being pregnant.

When accepting her award from Prime Minister Mia Mottley and witnessing Dame Sandra Mason be sworn in as the nation’s first-ever president in front of Charles, Prince of Wales, the blogs were busy congratulating her on being pregnant. One fan in particular felt like DM’ing Rihanna asking for an invite to her baby shower, to which she said “You ain’t came to the first 10 baby showers!” Rihanna jokingly responded. “Y’all breed me every year, dammit, lol.”

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In pleasant society, most sane people know that calling a woman pregnant or even asking is rude but of course this is social media. And there’s nothing polite about that. At least she took it in stride. Headlines like these could cause stress, trauma and even eating disorders from reading them, but she handled it well. She’s got a fine boyfriend so we’re sure they may consider having a baby soon but until then, can we at least get a new album out of her first, people?