Photo Credit: Instagram

While the rest of the Kardashians are wildin’ out these days, Rob Kardashian actually appears to be the reasonable one now. He’s currently working on repairing his relationship with the mother of his child, Blac Chyna for the sake of their child, Dream. They’ve undergone approximately 7 mediation sessions to figure out what will work best for the custody of Dream. They’re even speaking to each other about day to day details about their daughter’s care. That’s amazing considering the last time these two were around each other she tried to run up his credit $300,000 without his consent and he was posting her nudes on Instagram out of spite. But this is good because exactly two years have gone by since they originally broke up and they do have a child to raise. There’s no sense in denying the child knowing both of their parents just because they couldn’t get along with each other.

Moving forward in their relationship, Rob is going to have full custody but they’ll be equally splitting holidays. They’re currently working on coordinating each other’s schedules to make things work. If you’re wondering why they’re working together now, he’s been paying her $20,000 a month in child support which has gone down. That’s probably due to them getting along. That’s the thing about breaking up with a child. If it wasn’t amicable, you’re going to be paying so in this case, he did the right thing.

It’s now going on a year since their reality show was canceled and she’s back at the exact place she was last May, seeking to prove that the Kardashians put an end to their show. The accusation made back then was that the Kardashians threatened to leave the network if they didn’t cancel Rob and Blac Chyna’s show. And while her and Rob might be cordial now, don’t be fooled because she has an ongoing lawsuit against him over the cancellation of their show Rob & Chyna. She’s accusing Ryan Seacrest of refusing to sit for a deposition even though he was an executive producer on the show. She’s convinced he knows about what happened and is asking for the court to sanction him for failing to appear and order him to be deposed. She’s also requesting all communication between Seacrest, Kim Kardashian, Khloe Kardashian, Kylie Jenner about Rob & Chyna. She’s also asking for info on its renewal, records of meetings on cancelling the show and and how Life of Kylie started. Blac Chyna made it clear when she came on the scene that she was not to be played with and we’re seeing more and more of that everyday.